Volunteer project leader, Bryan Stewart, pitched Project Rebound at the 2017 UpDayton Summit. It was selected by audience vote to become one of UpDayton's three 2017 projects.

Project Rebound will use sports as a language to bridge divides and give a boost to Dayton children.


  • spark a movement among Dayton’s young professionals, college students, & citizens to be bigger difference makers in the lives of local youth


  • use sports to attract Project Rebound supporters (volunteers, mentors, donors)
  • use sports as bridge-builder across generational, cultural, racial divides
  • build partnerships with youth organizations who have existing programs that need more support or new energy


  • Support existing youth programming by helping them recruit volunteers, coaches, and mentors
  • Raise money and other resources to help more Dayton children have access to youth sports
  • Provide intentional pathways for Project Rebound volunteers to grow into larger and more permanent mentoring/coaching roles
  • Placemaking - create and enhance youth athletic venues alongside the children and neighbors who will enjoy them


  1. Host 5 Project Rebound action days.
  2. Connect 100 young professionals to youth sports programming & get 50% to show up a second time.
  3. Consistently identify and highlight opportunities for mentorship/coaching in the area.